Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property is an important component of any business, and sometimes it is the critical component.

The legal rules in intellectual property cases can be highly technical but cases are won when they are presented as a great story, not a collection of footnotes.

We love technology but our approach to intellectual property cases is the same as our approach to all other claims – we craft our clients’ cases to present them to the court as a compelling story that is clearly on the side of justice.

And just because the law is technical, or the case involves technology, doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Our job is to understand the details of the law and the technology so we can speak in clear terms and make the case understandable for everyone.

If you don’t understand us, we aren’t doing our job, and that includes finding practical solutions for your intellectual property problems.

You are very welcome to get in touch with us if you are involved an intellectual property dispute. However, all we do is litigation so we do not help register copyright, patents, or trademarks. For trademark registration we recommend Andrei Mincov at the Trademark Factory.